A Message from Ed Chmar, Founder and Owner

If you want to know ‘About Us’, you have to know why I started Homelife Roofing & Remodeling.

I saw a need in the marketplace for something different than what you typically see in the home improvement industry. Yes, there are a lot of companies out there, but so many of them are the same.

There are the really big companies, with large marketing and sales budgets and high overhead (and the high prices that go with it). It can be hard to get personal, caring service from these companies, or even know who to contact with a question.

Another type of contractor is the “my office is my truck” one-man operations. Some of these guys mean well, but the truth is they are often not up to the task. They typically don’t offer real labor warranties, and they “figure it out as they go along.”

I wanted Homelife Roofing & Remodeling be different. That is why my company has very specific policies and promises to guarantee homeowners great results. I wanted to guarantee that my company would always be known as the home remodeling company in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas that delivers real quality and then stands behind everything we do. So we promise…

  • You Don’t Pay Until the Job is Done. And Done Right. Not many companies are willing to start work without a deposit, but for us it is standard operating procedure. I want homeowners to know that we are accountable, and this proves it.
  • You Get A Matching Labor Warranty. If your product comes with a Lifetime Warranty, we also give you a Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship. Most home remodeling companies in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas offer a 1 or 5 year labor warranty, but I never thought that was good enough.
  • You Can Contact Me Directly With Any Concerns. I’ll say it plainly – I care about my customers. If you have a concern or question, I want you to call my direct line to get answers.

Yes, these are specific promises and I’m proud my company makes them. But what is most important to me is what these promises represent. It means Homelife Roofing & Remodelingstands up for integrity in the home improvement industry. That is why I started this company, and I never forget it.

The great news is that homeowners love this way of doing business. They have responded with great online reviews and many have told me personally how refreshing it is to do business with a company that keeps its promises.

If we sound like your kind of company, we’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote.